World of Tanks Celebrating Veterans With Promos (November 7-11) sent out an email blast last night letting its players in on the latest promotion for World of Tanks. The military shooter will be celebrating Veteran’s Day starting, well late last night, November 7 until November 11. To support veteran’s of the armed forces, any Gift Shop purchase will see 20% of the proceeds going to Veterans charities.

To celebrate you gamers, is offering players a single-day promo code to upgrade their account to Premium status. I haven’t tested it with multiple accounts, but the code VETERANSDAY will likely upgrade any number of accounts on North American servers. Learn how to redeem codes here.

But that’s not all, folks! In conjunction with the celebration, WoT will have a bonus XP and credit weekend. From November 9 to very early on November 12, players will receive 5x the normal experience for their steel warmachines and 100% income for the B1, T-34, M4 Sherman and PzKpfw VI Tiger machines.

Thanks for the service. And don’t forget about the Veterans Challenge.