Exclusive Video Interview: Producer K.J. Lin Introduces Total Recall Online

Resistence fighters giving it to The Man.
Resistance fighters giving it to The Man.

Every wonder what happened to Philip K. Dick’s imaginative futuristic world before and after Total Recall? Whether you prefer the Colin Farrell or Arnold Schwarzenegger incarnation of Douglas Quaid, Dick penned a world that was in the throes of war for years previous and likely years after the events of the movie. With ZQGame, a Chinese browser game specialist, picking up the intellectual property rights gamers will soon be able to enter a persistent incarnation of the morally ambiguous world.

K.J Lin dishes the early information to iTZKooPA. The producer discusses the factional differences, the location of the struggle, transportation, connections to the recent movie and various early gameplay features. A full 3D free-to-play browser-based MMORPG, Lin expects Total Recall Online to change gamer expectations from now on.

Or he could just have screwed with iTZKooPA’s memory. It’s possible.

Closed Beta for Total Recall Online is expected to come in some capacity by the end of 2012. Hit the jump for the full interview and first official trailer.

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