World of Tanks Introducing a Dozen Chinese Hulks in Patch 8.2 pushed its award-winning F2P military MMO to version 8.2 today giving gamers a new kind of steel to play with. The latest update since v8.0 changed basic gameplay mechanics, version 8.2 unlocks 17 new armored vehicles and the Chinese tech tree.

Historical players know that many early Chinese tanks were modified versions of other world powers, including Soviet, French, British and American designs. Sticking to its pedigree, has designed the new vehicles in this fashion, often keeping the best elements of the original model – maneuverability, accuracy, power – and upgrading other aspects.

Continuing with recent tradition, v8.2 will is modifying the game engine once more. Rendering and lighting will be updated on four maps and five new American tanks will join the American tech tree.

Hit the jump for the latest trailer and early screenshots, including the Chinese tech tree and selected tanks. We’ll update with the full patch notes once they’re made available.

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