World of Warcraft – All of it! – On Sale Now

Blizzard Entertainment is putting its cash cow on sale once again. If you or your friends haven’t adopted the elephant of all MMORPGs by now, perhaps the price is right now. For just $5 you can introduce a friend to WoW, The Burning Crusade and the Wrath of the Lich King. That’d be the current World of Warcraft: Battlechest. The leveling changes will probably mean that the lucky friend will be bursting past content left and right. Either that, or you could use another $5 to place the Cataclysm carrot in place.

Now, Mists of Pandaria, the latest and current expansion, will set you pack an entire Jefferson. At $20, the physical-only expansion – in North America – hasn’t shed much off its retail price. But it’s a small price to pay for the universe’s current lore, technological upgrades and host of cross realm possibilities, including the upcoming scalable raiding.

The sale is limited, so be sure to grab it – North America or Europe – while you can. Ya know, if you held out this long somehow.