Multiplatform MOBA Arena of Heroes Enters Open Beta

Don’t have enough MOBAs to chose from quite yet? Well, Sneaky Games certainly hopes that’s the case. The developer announced today that Arena of Heroes, its entry to the genre has just enter its open beta testing phase.

The multiplatform game will stand out from the crowd of League of Legends, SMITE or Heroes of Newerth by pitting players in one-on-one turn-based tactical battles. If you’ve ever felt that the genre was too fast-paced and hectic, perhaps even luck based, then Arena of Heroes is right up your alley. Guardians, as the developer calls players, will control four heroes at one time as they attempt to push the lane in their favor. With two minutes allowed per turn, the games will happen quickly, but the action is paused during this time.

As with many turn-based games, players can participate in multiple games at once. Breaking the mold further, Arena of Heroes is to be made available for PC, Mac, iOS and Ouya and Android down the road. Interested? Grab the F2P client or become a Founder.