World of Warcraft Invites You To Its Eighth Birthday, Entices with New Trailer

Just wanted to point out that the horde didn't make the original cover. Losers.

The MMORPG that hooked me on the genre forever is approaching its eighth birthday and Blizzard wants you to have the proverbial pony. Players can login now to begin claiming phat lewtz, including a Feat of Strength achievement. Players can also celebrate WoW’s new found addiction to fire by cracking open their Celebration Package. The bundle includes a tabard, fireworks show and, for those that are still leveling, an 8% bonus to experience and reputation gains.

Few games have lasted as long as World of Warcraft, and none have done so as the top of the pile throughout. What are your favorite memories of WoW? The camaraderie? Boss clearing? The Ever changing, ever growing (if slowly) universe and lore? Meet your significant other in Azeroth by any chance?

Leave your stories in the comments and don’t forget to hit the jump for the new anniversary video.