World of Warcraft – The Burdens of Shaohao Part Three: Fear (Video)

What would you do if you grew up and met the monsters that your parents and other elders told you were the most vile creatures known to your kind? Would you stand tall, resilient in the face of danger? Or would you cower in fear, moving as fast as your legs could carry you from the threat?

That’s the question Shaohao faces in the latest installment of his animated tales from Blizzard Entertainment. Shaohao -faced with the mantid, mortal enemies of pandaren, makes the difficult choice you’d expect of the Last Emperor of Pandaria, but he’s not without his concerns or wise guidance. The Black Ox being that wise soul. Out of Despair and into Fear.

Blizzard is releasing these videos daily since the first episode went live on Sunday. At this rate, we can expect the six-part Shaohao backstory to World of Warcraft and Mists of Pandaria to wrap up on Friday now that Part Three is in the bag (available after the cut) and four is expected later today.
Here’s to hoping the series is popular enough to greenlight additional lore pieces.