Neverwinter Enables Limited Gameplay From Any Internet-connected Device

Meet me in the dark alley...

We MMO players have a bit of an issue. We’ve been promised interconnectivity between our favorite title from any device for quite some time. Essentially no developer, no matter how well funded, has truly delivered. Blizzard Entertainment gave us limited, yet paid, access to World of Warcraft. Auction house access and the like. Probably the watershed moment of this arena.

Icarus Studios, the original developer behind Fallen Earth, one upped the AAA developer with its own free mobile app years in Lore Hound’s infancy. Yet very little has trumped it since. Guild Wars 2 had aspirations pre-release, among others. Now it’s Cryptic Studios’ turn with Neverwinter. The company has been pushing for the adoption of its web-based Gateway to manage basic functionality of its action-oriented Dungeons & Dragons characters.

The Neverwinter Gateway isn’t a full view of ones character, but you can perform a lot of general maintenance from any internet connected device. Have a web browser with a taste of the intertubes? Then you can review character itemization, send out hirelings and manage tasks for professions, perform basic Auction House functions, review in-game mail and stalk guild members. Of course, you do have to face the infamous One Time Code before you can pass.

Basic, yet everyday functions that are ideally consumed in the small, bite-sized windows perfect for mobile devices. Cheerio, Cryptic.