World of Warplanes to Offer Expert Mode, Advanced Control Scheme

In our last interview with, Victor Kislyi described the developer’s delicate balance of realism over fun. In the end, he explained that fun will conquer realism in most decisions because the company is out to make an entertaining product. As development has continued, has changed its mind once again.

According to the latest World of Warplanes Dev Diary – number 4 for those keeping score at home – the title may feature an “expert mode” giving the player absolute control over the aircraft. More of an additional feature than a game design shift, but the addition is interesting nonetheless.

Heck, I’ll take the free kills whenever someone tries it out for the first time.

For those less into mixing simulation and dogfighting, World of Warplanes will support a wide variety of user input for us less hardcore aviators. Keyboards, mice, gamepads, and joysticks will all be supported. Producer Anton Sitnikau and I are on the same page regarding keyboard play: a keyboard “makes smooth movement incredibly difficult to manage,” said Sitnikau.

Hit the jump for the full geek out in the latest dev diary.