WoW, What a Waste of Time

wow_warcraft_frostfire_instance_gratification_Monty-Python-Complete-Waste-of-timeHave you ever had one of those nights where you walk away from the computer a bit…depressed. Where nothing you planned to do came to fruition. A night of failures. Time poorly spent. A min-maxers nightmare of experience per hour. Awhile back I wrote an article that I’ve always logged into a game with a purpose. A goal. Yesterday’s Instance Gratification had the same goal as all of the shows, to knock out some bubbles while running through dungeons and quests in a given title. I failed miserably.

It’s largely my fault. I had the false assumption that I could jump into dungeons on Solidsamm. Little did I know that his gear was too low to begin dungeoning in Warlords of Draenor. Having already run Mists of Pandaria dungeons on him recently I had little interest in returning to them. “Well, heck, let’s tackle that other starting zone, Frostfire Ridge.”

After sprinting across the world on my little gnome legs, dieing a lot, I came to realize that this was the starting zone for the Horde. Making it essentially barren of any Alliance quests. I honestly had no expectation that this may be the case. After issues with starting zones in The Burning Crusade, addressed in Wrath of the Lich King, I expected we’d have the option of which zone to roll around in. Even if one was geared towards a specific faction. I was wrong, so I headed to Gorgrond. Checking a few flight paths for yellow exclamation points provided me with no direction. WoWHead provided me with another deflating fact, the zone was filled with bonus quests based upon your Garrison deployments. Disliking Garrisons I became even more dejected.

To brighten my day I began queuing for Pet Battles with a new team. I was soundly defeated. I mixed in some old staples. And proceeded to lose each and everyone of those matches as well. I basically ragequit at that point.

What a waste.