Star Wars Celebration: Battlefront Briefing

Star-Wars-Battlefront-2Dice and EA had their work cut out for them with Star Wars Battlefront 3, and I am happy to report that based on the trailer and the pre-alpha gameplay we saw yesterday at the behind closed doors media screening, it looks like they rose to the occasion.  The Frostbite engine delivers intense, cutting edge graphics; from smooth, imposing trooper helmets to the battle worn forest floor of Endor, to the wind swept sand-scape of Jakku.  Yes, I said Jakku, the newest planet to be explored in the Star Wars universe.  This will be a central location in The Force Awakens, and will also be a playable map in Battlefront.  EA was given a sneak peak at the new movie, along with unprecedented access to the  Lucas vaults to assist them in modeling the in game tech and characters.  Add this to the fact that they are working with John Williams’ original soundtrack and using the new Dolby Atmos sound technology, and you have one great sounding game.

I am happy to report that 3rd and 1st person POVs are available, as well as couch co-op (split screen) play, and there will be an online 40 person PVP mode as well.  We will have more coming on Battlefront tonight and tomorrow morning, stay tuned.