Wow, What an Massive WoW Infographic

Publishers and developers love showing off the numbers of their babies. From subscribers to users to concurrent users the MMORPG genre is probably more open than most others in the industry. World of Warcraft, one of only a handful of games to approach the 10 years of service mark, is back at it. And you’ll be hard pressed to fathom the reach of some of these figures.

Every wonder which country could be filled by WoW characters? How about how many characters have been created? The overall /played amount? Perhaps you’re more into geography and which countries have WoW? Or the balance between the worthy Alliance and dastardly Horde? Query the amount of auction transactions or number of words in the quest dialogue you overlook?

Every one of those questions and many more are answered in the massive 10-year anniversary infographic. Even if that watershed moment is still some 9+ months away.