Mythic Shutting Down Warhammer Online’s MOBA Experiment

Mythic Entertainment announced earlier today that part of Warhammer Online will be taken offline on March 29. It’s not the MMORPG proper, but a spin-off that Mythic hoped would be a lucrative one. Wrath of Heroes, the free-to-play MOBA that went into open beta way back in 2011 will never see the beta label removed.

Dubbed by producer James Casey as an “experiment,” Wrath of Heroes has not been dubbed a failure in the company’s eyes.

We were able to test new server technology, learn more about the free-to-play market, and engage in endless quick, down and dirty, three-way battles any time of day or night.  On all of these fronts, we were able to make great inroads and insights and deliver a fast and frenetic game.

Gems, the RMT currency, will not be refunded. Instead, Mythic is awarding supporting players past, present and future with a free month of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and a code to open a Wrath chest in the MMORPG. Mythic will also be releasing work-in-progress heroes until the title shutters its doors.

You can find out more about the impending shutdown, including what the chest contains, on the official FAQ.