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Lore Hound MMOcast 19: Extreme Mage Edition

September 1, 2010 LHStaff 0

[Audio:] Join iTZKooPA, Juggynaut, and Heartbourne for this MMOcast. This weeks topics are: Now Playing: iTZKooPA – Global Agenda, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, Worms: Reloaded Juggynaut – Lego: Universe […]

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Lore Hound MMOcast: Episode 4

April 22, 2010 LHStaff 2

[audio:] Join the Lore Hounds as we discuss the latest news in the MMO world. The lineup this week includes Juggynaut, iTZKooPA, and Amatera. This week the discussion covers: EA’s […]

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Ed's Weekly Watch #2

February 3, 2008 LHStaff 0

Well, I am back folks, with the second Weekly Watch! This has been a reletively slow week, but I will get you the information you have been wanting. Our first […]

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Incoming! MMORPGs of 2008

January 10, 2008 LHStaff 3

With a new year coming upon us we have the incredible opportunity to experience new MMORPGs. It was the same last year, as we were all antipating the releases of Tabula Rasa, […]

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Before the Now: Warhammer Online

October 26, 2007 LHStaff 0

Kicking this website off to a start, we at MMOCrunch will begin a weekly series entitled “Before the Now”, where in, we will be taking a look at various MMORPGs and how […]