Hi-Rez Studios Reveals Bakasura – The Great Devourer

Just as we wrapped the lore for the original Closed Beta gods, Hi-Rez Studios has announced a new god for the troublesome Hindu pantheon. Bakasura – The Great Devourer is a melee DPS assassin that specializes in chasing down his opponents and unleashing a fury of cuts. Bakasura is also a very capable jungler thanks to being able to completely remove lower-level mobs from the encounter.

Only the second unveil by Hi-Rez Studios, the company is doing a fantastic job attracting players with this reveal. Unlike Guan Yu, Bakasura was given all the bells and whistles in SMITE’s new God Reveal YouTube series.

Expect Bakasura to get the Lore Hound lore treatment next week.

Check out the Bakasura reveal after the hop.