RaiderZ End-Game Dungeon Rietz Sewer Preview

Lightning bolt!

The city of Rietz, pronounced ‘Ritz’ like the cracker, will be home to most players in RaiderZ. As the land of Rendel’s largest city and social hub to crucial NPCs, the city is a sight to behold. Well, so long as you stay above ground. For creatures far more sinister lurk, scavenge and rule the world beneath the metropolis.

Teased during the zone’s introduction, Perfect World Entertainment has revealed the MMORPG’s first high-level dungeon, Rietz Sewer, in the latest trailer. What was once a simple civil service, the sewers became the home for rebellious groups. Rather than ferreting out the perpetrators, the city leaders decided to simply lock the ne’er do wells in. Effectively ending if not at least isolating the problem.

Unfortunately, the sewers are home to far more than talks of rebellion. With the war raging on outside the city walls, all able bodies are needed to defend Rietz. Talks of political change can happen once the Jewel of Rendel is saved.

Hit the jump for the highest-production trailer yet and selected screenshots of mobs, encounters and environments.