The Elder Scrolls Online Details Combat, Progression & “Synergies”

One of my friends absolutely hates the word “synergy.” To him, the only time it’s acceptable to use such a phrase when relating to business is sarcastically. To make fun of those that drop the business buzzword as an actual helpful phrase. His resolve is so steely that he burst out laughing when someone did just that.

Of course, gameplay synergies are completely different. I believe he’d let that nomenclature fly, should he know anything about video games (he doesn’t).

Massively scored an exclusive opportunity to visit the ZeniMax Online studios, review the progress of The Elder Scrolls Online and participate in an Open Q&A session. The lengthy video covers everything from the despised buzzword to the overall design philosophy, mounts, character progress and skills.

Hit the jump for the in-depth coverage and prepare for our own exclusive interview to come out of PAX East sometime next week.