Dungeons & Dragons Online Teases Update 17 – Return to Gianthold (Now Live!)

Turbine Entertainment has begun teasing the latest content patch for the original Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG. Coming to Dungeons & Dragons Online in the near future, Update 17 will rehash the Ruins of Gianthold to give players an all-new experience to the heroic storyline courtesy of the Epic difficulty.

The update will be free to all VIP players and enable players to roam the revamped lands of Gianthold Tor in their first attempt to stop the Stormreaver clan from destroying the world. So hell bent on the destruction of the world are the Stormreavers are that even the warring giants and dragons have united against their enemies.

Hit the jump to see the first screenshots of the Stormreaver and his evil plans.


Return to Gianthold is now live! The gallery has seen a handful of new screenshots added to it in celebration of the renewed epic storyline.