Marvel Heroes Delivers Destructive Goodness (Trailer)

If there’s one thing I’ve enjoyed in videogames it’s destruction. From breaking bricks in Super Mario Bros. to every clay pot in sight in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past to tombs in Dungeons & Dragons Online, destruction is in my nature. I’m not the only game with such a…ahem…destructive personality.

At least one of the designers on Marvel Heroes also enjoys wanton environmental destruction. Perhaps the person in question would describe it as reuse and recycle. After all, much of the destruction of environmental objects are their use in combating would-be evildoers. From exploding cars, barrels of a suspicious nature to the devastating impact of port-a-potties, the Destruction trailer from will satiate your appetite for destruction or environmental reuse.

The F2P Marvel Heroes remains scheduled for a Spring 2013 release. Interested in a purchase? Check out the Founder’s package options before they disappear.

The Destruction trailer from Gazillion Entertainment rest beyond the cut. Boss mobs even get in on the action.