MechWarrior Online Gets BIG with Largest Map to Date

Piranha Games continues its dominance of content development. The developer of MechWarrior Online unleashed its latest patch, featuring the largest map to grace the free-to-play mech-based shooter. The new map, Alpine Peaks, contains “miles between bases” covering hills and mountains. The wide open swaths of land lacking cover should put all those ranged weapons and flanking maneuvers to good use.

Piranha Games didn’t push out a new map, as colossal as it may be, and call it a day. The content patch includes five versions of the Trebuchet mech, featuring *gasp* long- and medium-range weaponry. It’s artillery, fast-moving artillery at that. You can see all the variations in the medium battlemechs section. Additional cosmetic items and the third rendition of pre-game matchmaking were also included alongside a tasteful amount of balance changes and bug fixes.

Head past the jump for a gallery featuring Alpine Peaks.