Ubisoft Brings Panzer General Online for 25th Anniversary (Video)

Ubisoft announced that Panzer General, a staple in the turn-based strategy genre, will be returning for its 25th anniversary. The latest edition to the long-standing franchise will become one of Ubisoft’s ranks in the free-to-play genre playable from your browser of choice. The title is under development at Blue Byte, with collaboration from Funactics, will be the studios fifth F2P title.

Gamers should prepare themselves for intense multiplayer- and single-player battles. The single-player campaign will featuring historical battles ranging from Omaha Beach to Monte Cassino. Multiplayer will focus on your typical objective, the strategic control of your units and the destruction of your opponent’s forces.

Blue Byte will also be incorporating trading-card game elements, including the ability to collect and trade virtual machinations. The Settlers Online remains Blue Byte’s most famous F2P title.