Massive MechWarrior Online Patch Unleashes New Perspective, Launching Soon (Video)

The open beta testing nomenclature of Piranha Games’ vertical tank shooter will end in only a few weeks. Infinite Games Publishing will be doing the latter part of its name for MechWarrior Online on September 17. To celebrate, the companies will be hosting an epic red-carpet event featuring an invitational tournament, DJs, prizes and food and drink. We’ll assume some of this will be of the adult kind. The festivities will go down nine days after launch on September 26.

But today, today brings us a new patch. It’s a massive one. Hot on the heels of last week’s 12v12 game mode, players will now be able to battle it out in the controversial third-person perspective. A favorite request of new players, the third-person perspective was denied fruition by Piranha Games until testing showcased marked improvement in player performance nearly instantly.

Last, but not least, is the new Mech of the Month, Kintaro. The mech, accent and all, can be seen in a machinima-style trailer after the cut.