World of Warplanes About to get Prettier (v0.4.0)

Original on the left. After improvements on the right.

Fairly certain that the “Overlord” of game is considered an official source. If you agree with that statement and are a fan of aviation sims, then you’ll be interested to know what’s Dmitry Yudo recently discussed on the Overlord’s Blog. We’re talking about a massive overhaul to the early-flight to early-jet based aviation strategy title World of Warplanes.

The Overlord gave readers a sneak peak into the title’s upcoming patch, which will not only enhance controls (again) and revamp the User Interface (again), but implement “massive visual improvements.” That’s an emphasis in the original. Yudo likens the upcoming visual upgrade to the one that tank fans saw in the title’s tank strategy title, World of Tanks.

A picture is worth a thousand words. We’ve got 5,000 words in the gallery after the cut.

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