Gas Powered Games Shuts Down Wildman Kickstarter

Chris Taylor and Gas Powered Games began searching for additional funding for a new action RPG in mid-January. It hasn’t gone as swimmingly as many other Kickstarter’s, standing at nearly 48% funded with a scant four days to deadline. Realizing there’s little chance of capturing over half a million more dollars in 96 hours time, Gas Powered Games has canceled the Kickstarter project.

It’s unlikely that Chris Taylor will be leaving the game industry, but the popular RTS game designer may have to find a new home soon. Gas Powered Games admitted that the future of the company largely rested on Wildman receiving funding. Now, the company is turning its attention to keeping the company afloat.

At this point, it makes sense for us to focus our attention on other ways to keep Gas Powered Games running. Unfortunately, we are unable to share any specifics in public. When we have news to share, we will be posting it on our site. If you want status updates, or if you want to continue discussing Wildman and/or this Kickstarter, please consider migrating over to

We are profoundly grateful to those of you who backed this project and Gas Powered Games. Your passion and hard work put us in a position to write this exciting new chapter in the history of GPG.

This is the largest project from a well-known designer and developer that I have seen fail. Does this speak ill of Kickstarter as a fad or that the market research for Wildman wasn’t accurate?


  1. Sad sauce, I was looking forward to this game. Saw it promoted on Star Citizen’s website. Always been a fan of Age of Empires. Hope things work out for CT and his team.

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