Activision Earnings Call Dishes Project Titan “Re-envisioning” & Destiny Details

The news about the upcoming Blizzard Entertainment news at Gamescom wasn’t all we’ve learned recently. Thanks to Activision Blizzard being a public-yet-soon-to-be independent company it is required to deliver quarterly earnings reports to the public. As ever, the parent of Blizzard Entertainment has dropped a few bits of interesting information on the gaming public. And I don’t mean that World of Warcraft subscriptions are at the lowest rate in over six years at the recent 7.7 million mark.

Activision touted that Destiny, the sci-fi MMO shooter from shooter expert Bungie, is on pace to set an all-time preorder record for a new franchise. Not for Activision, but for the industry as a whole. Furthermore, the numbers indicate that it’ll be the company’s third active billion dollar property alongside Call of Duty and Skylanders.

On the Blizzard Entertainment front the company cofounder Mike Morhaime does not expect the upcoming next-generation, long-in-development MMORPG from Blizzard, currently know as Project Titan, to come to fruition as a subscription based game. As readers are aware, Blizzard has been leaning into microtransaction as WoW has matured, with a full in-game store coming to WoW soon.

The head honcho elaborated on one of those adjectives, explaining that Project Titan is in the midst of a “re-envisioning” due to “large design and technology changes.” These changes have seen several developers on Project Titan move to – possibly back to – Diablo III and WoW. The title remains without a release window.