SEGA Champions Phantasy Star Online 2 in Latest Financial Report, Details Future (Video)

SEGA had a pretty solid outing this past fiscal quarter. The gaming arm of the company posted a healthy 25.2% gain over the previous year and turned a modest profit as opposed to a monster loss.

I know, this isn’t a business blog. We’re a gaming blog. One focused on the MMOG sector. There’s a connection as the title may have lead you to believe. SEGA gave one of our highly-anticipated titles a big pat on the back for contributing to the quarterly success. That’d be Phantasy Star Online 2. That success was half a million downloads and sales of PSO2.

To celebrate the continued success SEGA has released a trio of new videos and begun to detail the future for the sci-fi dungeon crawler. After the successful launch of Episode 2, content hounds will be happy to know that plenty more is in the works. Part 2 received a new trailer detailing the new maps, gear, costumers and features. Treat your peepers to it after the cut (because it’s in Japanese) and prepare for August 7.

Not good enough for you? An entire Episode 3 is already in development with an anticipated release date is December 2013. Unfortunately, SEGA still hasn’t revealed a new North American release window.