ArenaNet Details Guild Wars 2’s 2013 Aspirations

Holey rusted metal, Lore Hounds. When ArenaNet says the company has lofty goals, expectations and aspirations for its three million-selling MMORPG there is no bit of exaggeration in there. Colin Johanson, the game director for Guild Wars 2, put up a massive blog post, including a video below the cut, that can only be called a comprehensive State of the Game (and it’s Future) address.

The massive post can be found here, but we’ll break it down for those that are short on time and plan on getting to it later.

  • GW2 has been so successful because of the community and player relationships
  • Player experiences are as important as shared experiences, such as live events and public quests
  • Dynamic events enable the living game world through interactive and original storytelling
  • The Wintersday even was put together based on enormous amounts of feedback and lesson learned from previous world events
  • ArenaNet will continue to incentivize open world and shared experience play through systems and rewards
  • Rewards will include everything from cosmetic items to gear
  • New game content will be added in “early 2013” to foster guild experiences
  • WvW will be gaining benefits from the above changes
  • Further still, WvW will be getting “a lot of attention” to make it shine “in every possible way”
  • Paid transfers, with cooldowns, and improvements to culling are the first WvW-related goals
  • WvW will receive unique prestige and advancement systems, including rewards
  • PvP system will be overhauled to “feel more rewarding and exciting”
  • This includes new PvP systems, such as ideal matchmaking
  • Competitive systems, such as spectating, practice matches and tournaments, are in the cards

And that’s just the short version, folks!


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