Fox News Labels SWTOR Expansion Planet as “Gay Planet”

Insert horrible joke here.

The folks over at Fox News are at it again, bastardizing video games, an entertainment medium many of us love, for the sake of ratings and feeding the company’s 24-hour news cycle. BioWare, a common target due to its Mass Effect franchise, is under the gun again for content in the upcoming expansion to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The title’s first expansion, Rise of the Hutt Cartel, is introducing a new planet, Makeb, the home for the Hutt’s, as the major content addition for the expansion. Another point of the expansion, BioWare’s return to allowing players to decide their partner, be they the same gender or not.  Those two tidbits are all Fox News needed to deem the expansion a “gay planet” and that BioWare is segregating gay players to Makeb.

Nevermind that both of these statements are simply false. It’s not a “gay planet” and there isn’t any segregation. Just the expansion introducing the ability to have same-gender romances (SGR) in addition to tons of quests that have nothing to do with romance.

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Fox News goes on to state that “the move has generated controversy among everyone involved.” without a single link to controversy, be it in the forum, which is later referenced, or industry controversy. The piece does include uncredited quotes from players though.

Considering this is a BioWare video game this shouldn’t come as a shock. The company has had same sex relations in its titles for years. Often raising the eyebrows of Fox News. Shocking Fox News doesn’t surprise me, it’s that other gamers have seemingly been caught off guard.

What are you thoughts on BioWare’s introduction of SGR to the Star Wars universe?


  1. Why ruin a perfectly good game by bringing romance into it in any form!
    When it comes to gaming “Make War not Love!”

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