Batman: TAS Character Harley Quinn Enters Infinite Crisis (Video)

Wallpaper Quinn.

Developed for the landmark animated series Batman: The Animated Series, Joker’s sidekick Harley Quinn is about to enter the multidimensional universe of Infinite Crisis. The soon-to-be latest entry into the multiplayer online battle arena, Harley Quinn is designed as a support focused on healing and damaging abilities.

No matter how you know of Harley Quinn – be it the excellent Arkham trilogy, originating TV show from Bruce Timm or even the comics – she’s always been Joker’s sidekick. This time around she may be healing Batman in a lane or even The Flash but you probably realize that given its for the MOBA from Turbine Entertainment.

Quinn’s passive supports her allies with movement and attack speed. Pretty impressive passive if you ask me. Her activated abilities include a ranged attack, direct heal and the selection of breathing from or crowd control from a knockback or knock up.

Hit the jump for the full Champion reveal.