City of Titans Closes Kickstarter Fund with Seven Stretch Goals

The spiritual successor to City of Heroes is going to be a thing. Over 5,000 Backers to the Kickstarter fund have made that a possibility. Snagging a total of $678,189, the backers gave an average of $135.56 per person. That’s a crazy dedicated fanbase if you ask me. Or a crazy awesome sounding MMORPG. Let’s go with both.

At any rate, that impressive amount for what is effectively going to be a fan-made game covers a plentiful seven stretch goals. Starting at $350,000, Backers can now expect:

  • an Android and iOS port of the Avatar Builder

  • A MacOSX launch client

  • New travel powers, mounts and emotes

  • Two more cape styles and the introduction of Wings, four sets!

  • Five primary power sets

  • Two new costume sets and an extra zone for launch

Sure, City of Titans may have missed 15 other Stretch Goals, but that ain’t too shabby for Missing Worlds Media. A passionate community indeed.