BlizzCon: Samwise on Metallica, Heroes of the Storm (Interview)

Blizzcon14_Heroes_SkyTemple_JainaVikingsThere are few things more badass than opening for Metallica. Being the Art Director for Blizzard Entertainment, the man responsible for the direction of so many million dollar franchises, may very well be one of them. Samwise Didier manages to juggle both of those feats with grace and pose. Actually, that’s a lie. He was more concerned for Metallica’s state of mind given that they were closing for Elite Tauren Chieftain at BlizzCon 2014!

Once Samwise wrapped up his humblebrag he moved on to discussing Heroes of the Storm. Hair flying in every direction the art director got a bit teary reminiscing that the Lost Vikings, one of three freshly announced heroes, was his first assignment at then Silicon & Synapse. Samwise discusses all things Heroes of the Storm with iTZKooPA, from map design to hero design, and even coaxes some release date chatter.

If you’re not in Heroes of the Storm yet, fear not as beta testing begins January 2015. Until then, check out our MOBA Monday stream for early coverage of Heroes of the Storm. And don’t forget to check out our HotS first impression from BlizzCon 2014.


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