Bungie Reveals Destiny, an Always-on Console MMOG

Bungie has revealed Destiny. No, not the Ancient ship in Stargate Universe, but the project the creator of Halo has been working on for years. There’s no need to focus on unsubstantiated rumors, leaks and conjecture, Bungie unveiled many pertinent details after a short ARG tease during the past week.

Most of our readers probably caught that tidbit in the headline. Destiny will be a console title, not too shocking considering the developer’s 10-year deal with Activision. In sticking with the Bungie pedigree, Destiny is a sci-fi shooter. Only the story – players as powerful Guardians instead of the solo Master Chief hero – is to reside in our solar system, albeit a futuristic version.

The other important aspect of Destiny is it’ll require constant Internet access for single-player or the co-op experience. Players, single or co-op will always need to be online, yet there’s are “absolutely no plans to charge a subscription fee.” according to Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg. 360 and PS3 are the (current) target platforms, although Activision’s stock filings don’t expect any money to come from Bungie in 2013. This hints at a release date of 2014, and thus the target platforms of soon-to-be last generation seem rather shaky.

Joystiq has a lot more on the new project and you can check the trailer after the cut.

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