FireFall’s Second Open Beta Weekend Offers Hardware (Feb 22-24)

The fine folks at Red 5 Studios are ready to invite everyone back to the little world of FireFall. The near-future Earth MMO shooter first opened its doors to open beta testing in late January and is looking towards addicting more gamers with fast-paced action and competitive play.

Sticking with Red 5’s penchant for contests, which champions the company’s insatiable desire to market the hell out of the title, players have a handful of open beta contests to look forward to. This includes a chance to win hardware or get your mid-air deathshot featured on the title’s Facebook page. For all the contest deals head over to the FireFall Beta Weekend section.

Of course, what’s a new weekend without additional content? Red 5 Studios has had nearly a month to refine system’s since the last play session. The company didn’t go into massive detail about the day-to-day changes, but has added two new features, the final Founder’s perk – a Custom Thumper – and full integration of Twitch broadcasting.

All of this weekend’s beta participants will earn the “mid-air” decal as the community unlock.

The second open beta will begin at 3:00 PM EST, Friday, February 22 and shutdown at 2:59 AM EST on Monday, February 25.