Bungie’s Destiny & Diablo III Heading to PlayStation 4

Clearly, if you’re here, you’re an MMO gamer. And, if you’re here, you may not be super interested in the ongoing attempts by multiple developers and publishers to expand the genre to consoles. Far more have failed to launch than anything, although Sony has had a moderately successful track record thanks to inhouse Sony Online Entertainment products (DC Universe Online) and good relations with Square Enix (Final Fantasy XI).

The official announcement of the PlayStation 4 came with one massive announcement from Blizzard Entertainment and a rather expected reveal from Bungie. Let’s start with the predictable. Destiny, the freshly announced MMO shooter from Bungie, will head to the PlayStation 4 as one of its target platforms. A PC release still remains in the discussion.

The more unexpected announcement came from Blizzard’s Chris Metzen. Standing in front of the jumbo screen the shadeless Metzen revealed that Diablo III will be heading to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, complete with 4-player co-op without split screen. We’ve known Blizzard has been investigating the feasibility of a console port for some time, but the exclusivity – at least so far – and implementation are what set this announcement apart.

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