Fallen Earth Introduces Proc-based Armor, Character Respecs

Reloaded Production has introduced an all-new armor for players to defend against the increasing number of GlobalTech Ordnance of Rapid Extermination weapons. The new technology – created by players through the deep crafting system present in Fallen Earth – will unlock Chance on Use effects to combat against the G.O.R.E. weapons in PvP and PvE scenarios.

The new developers of Fallen Earth aren’t focusing solely on increased armor to combat the formerly unbalance ordinance. The Gamma radiation-powered mutant skills (aka skill trees) have been revamped to increased effectiveness. The massive overhaul has caused a full reset to all player AP, player statistics and skills. Players were also given two free respecs for future use as they adjust to the system.

Take a look at the latest armor and weaponry in an all-new Fallen Earth gallery after the cut.