“Chonicles of Doom: Episode 4” Ushers in Marvel Heroes Launch (Video)

Just hours ahead of the launch of Marvel Heroes, Gazillion Entertainment has released the final installment of the motion comic. Doctor Doom’s epic rise to power culminates with the fourth and final installment. The tale, penned by Brian Michael Bendis, wraps as Gazillion prepares for tomorrow’s full launch.

The Chronicles of Doom mini series develops the beginning lore for the dungeon crawling MMORPG designed by David Brevik, a co-creator of Diablo. The premise of Doom’s capabilities are based on the Cosmic Cube, a device originally capable of turning any wish into a reality.

Marvel Heroes allows players to experience unique leveling experiences for each of the superheroes as they explore locations throughout the Marvel universe. Previous closed beta players will be happy to see numerous changes to the user interface, a customization system and overall polish.

Marvel Heroes unlocks to the F2P world tomorrow, June 4, 2013. Hit the jump for the full trailer.