Cryptozoic Kickstarting MMOG/TCG Hybrid Hex

Take a pedigree of board and card game development. Now, after cementing the foundation of your company with years of that experience, absorb the knowledge of the most successful massively multiplayer online video game of all time. What’s that a recipe for? “Success” you say? Sure, but ho…oh! I see now.

Cryptozoic, the creator/publisher of a variety of deckbuilding and trading card games and a handful of normal board games, including taking over the World of Warcraft TCG after the Upper Deck split, announced an upcoming revenue stream. Hex, the hopeful MMO TCG from Cryptozoic is currently sitting at 41% of its funding goal on Kickstarter with 28 days to go. At this rate the title is almost a shoo in for funding.

Gear, bonuses, customization, RPG aspects, multiplatform, 6 classes and 8 races, guilds, advanced PvE AI, auction house. The list goes on. Literally. They’ve already secured far too much of my money after reading the whole post.

If I pay enough, perhaps I’ll get another card named after a pet.