Infinite Crisis: The Latest MOBA to Head to Closed Beta

The latest product from the MMORPG experts at Turbine Entertainment has entered its closed beta testing phase. First revealed barely over a month ago, Infinite Crisis is now denying gamers left and right from playing all your DC Comics favorites. From Batman to, well, another Batman and villains, to Green Lantern, the characters are ready to duke it out to achieve supreme dominance of the multiverse.

In addition to the entry of a select few to early testing, Turbine and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment unveiled the latest god trailer. Sticking with the Dark Knight universe, the latest spotlight highlights none other than the Joker. The criminal mastermind is a unique ranged physical character with high sustainability thanks to lifesteal and support abilities. Fragile and powerful, he plays best at mid range ready to attack or turn tail at a moment’s notice.

There are boundless enemies and heroes yet to be revealed. Stay tuned to Lore Hound for all the latest on Infinite Crisis.