DC Universe Infinite Crisis Details First Two Champions

Turbine Entertainment and WB haven’t detailed Infinite Crisis, the DC universe MOBA, much. In fact, everything we have to go on is basically just MOBA staples. There’s laneing, PvP, itemization and ganks. Oh, and this one just happens to have an amazing licensed intellectual property behind it. We still haven’t found out additional information but Turbine Entertainment has detailed the first two champions, as they are to be called in this game, for Infinite Crisis.

One of the first champions detailed is the ever powerful Wonder Women. The second was mentioned in the initial release as being of one of the alternate dimension, Nightmare Batman. Both champions are melee fighters, but the reveal portrays Wonder Women as a powerful tank/support champion and Nightmare Batman as a physical assassin.

Essentially, a Rammus and Warwick respectively for the League of Legends players out there.

Although the footage is alpha, the reveal trailers give gamers a glimpse into the title’s design. Sticking with the League of Legends comparison, the displayed gamemode appears to be a Dominion type of map. Players will also spend a large amount of time spamming clicks and utilizing hotkeys (we assume here) to launch the abilities displayed at the bottom of the HUD.

Hit the jump for both reveals.