Defiance Gets Serious with Competitive PvP Trailer

“War. War never changes.” That’s not the right intellectual property but it still fits! Trion Worlds just dropped the latest trailer for Defiance, its open-world MMO shooter featuring insane boss battles and a large PvP component. All Ark Hunters, that’d be the player characters in the game, will have the opportunity to test their mettle in the Shadow Wars discussed during Gamescom 2012.

The trailer doesn’t get into the player-versus-player combat, the battles over the material deposited on Earth from falling asteroids and the like, until the 40 second mark. Previous to this point the trailer focuses on various attributes to the title. The all hell breaks lose.

The PvP aspect of the third-person shooter will not be for the faint of heart. Featuring run-and-gun mechanics, an assortment of weaponry of high- and low-tech, cloaking, rolling and other personal abilities, you better have the skills to pay the bills or a wide range of mice resting by your keyboard ready to be broken.

Put your peepers on the trailer after the cut.


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