Defiance Raiders are “Homicidal Zealots” (Trailer)

Don’t worry, Trion Worlds latest video for Defiance is detailing the NPC raiders, not us players. In the latest Enemy Intel Video, Trion Worlds details the fearsome group of scavengers known as Raiders, a inter-species horde of lawless opportunist. Preying on small, backwater towns, the drug-addicted unwashed hordes are slavers, rapers and pillagers.

Thankfully, the new video gives would-be Ark Hunters much needed intel on exactly how to deal with the various Raider types they’ll come across. Hit em where it hurts, but be weary of their incredible firepower, recklessness in battle and ability to overrun with numbers. Of course, allowing them to cluster could be used to one’s advantage.

Check out the minute long introduction to the cannon fodder of the open-world MMO/TV shooter after the cut.