Neverwinter Still Recovering from Eruption of Mount Hotenow

The city of Neverwinter has been battered in its recent history. First, there was the Spellplague, which it survived relatively unscathed to the rest of the Forgotten Realms. Mother Nature wasn’t having any of that, unleashing to full power of Mount Hotenow upon the shaken city. Nearly obliterated, the city has spent decades rebuilding in Hotenow’s shadow.

That’s decades, plural, because creatures of the night, from the undead to orcs and the slumbering Primordial have been keeping the buildings and small folks busy. That leaves the mess up to the heroes of Neverwinter to deal with for the city to return to its former glory.

Check out our recent Neverwinter Closed Beta preview and be sure to snag the Founder’s pack if it suits your fancy.

Full trailer and screenshots after the cut.