Dungeon & Dragons Online Gets Low in Latest Dungeon Reveal

Shadowfell Conspiracy, the second expansion to Dungeons & Dragons Online, is coming up fast. Set to be released in mid August, the Forgotten Realms expansion has showcased the nefarious and dastardly mobs players will be farming. Just last week, Turbine Entertainment released the first details to A Lesson in Deception, preparing players for their trek into Wheloon.

This weekend, the developer revealed that Wheloon will not be a one-trick pony. Nope, diving into a pool of water is not all the criminal destination of Shadowfell Conspiracy is poised to do. The criminal underground is set to be home to a fitting dungeon known as Friends in Low Places. This dungeon will focus on resource scarcity as the criminal syndicate tries to corner the food market. Naturally, their best laid plan for doing so is an outright assault on Harvest Hall.

Beyond the jump are the first images of the enemies and citizens the players will be battling against and for, and the environments the dirty job will reside.