Trion Worlds Rebirthing End of Nations as MOBA

In late 2012 things started to look really bad for the MMORTS End of Nations. A long-in-development title from Petroglyph Games, it was announced in late November of that year by publisher Trion Worlds that the title would not be progressing into Open Beta testing “until further notice.” Refunds were given, the development studio was hit with layoffs, the development was transitioned to Trion Worlds, and, ultimately, Petroglyph is on its last legs with Rise of the Immortals closing.

Where one MOBA has fallen, another will arise, and, perhaps coincidentally, it’s the very product Petroglyph Games previously worked on.

Former early adopters of End of Nations were recently notified of an upcoming alpha testing process for a rekindled End of Nations. The new title, as described in the email, labeled the new venture as a “tactical MOBA” that’s to feature customized heroes and support units, commander classes and a unique leveling system.

Previous supporters best be checking their email for a chance to sign up for the alpha. We’ll have more as it comes. Meanwhile, to finish that sign up…