E3 2015: New Modes & Skins for Brawlhalla (Interview)

lh_e3_2015_bombsketball_catch_brawlhallaFrenetic beat-em ups and fighting games have always intrigued me. I put far too much time into the Marvel vs. Capcom, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter franchises. My attention has made its way from these core fighters to those of the Super Smash Bros. ilk, which incorporate environments and items into the mix while doing away with static health bars in favor of dangerous edges. Enter Brawlhalla, a title that’s been repeatedly featured on F2P Friday for its excellent gameplay, giveaways and getting me overly excited. Not to mention playing Ranked once again.

Walking up to the PDP booth full of third-party gaming options I was surprised to see some new skins on Brawlhalla characters having played just a few days before. Executive Producer Zeke Sparkes saw my jaw drop and promptly filled me in on the details. Sure, some of these were actually available but many of these were works in progress. Naturally, Zeke spilled the beans on plenty of the goings on at developer Blue Mammoth Games. From the wackiness of the brawler’s two sports-themed game modes to user interface aspects, it’s all covered in our interview after the cut.


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