Eternal Crusade: Listening to your Community

lh_founder_gamescom_2014_eternal_crusade_trailerMost companies in the gamedom say they listen to the community. The cynic in me, which I try and repress with all my abilities, doesn’t believe it’s the norm. Rather, it tends to be an easy line. But there are some companies that truly do listen. Blizzard is, reportedly, looking to add Robin Williams to World of Warcraft after the community created a petition for his addition due to his unfortunate death. Gazillion has made numerous changes to Marvel Heroes due to player feedback, going so far as to essentially relaunch the game.

Now it is Behaviour Interactive’s turn. Awhile back, the developer of Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade put up its Dawn of Imperium item pricing. The community at large couldn’t swallow it. Eternally known for being level headed, the gamer community politely disagreed with the amount to of pennies required. As such, Behaviour has juiced the package, adding a second item to the advertised package of limited edition items. If you haven’t already purchase your Dawn of Imperium package now is the time to secure Founder’s access and two extra items.

Eternal Crusade didn’t leave Gamescom 2014 with a simply +1 to its founder’s package’ We’ve a new trailer for you after the cut and the company is preparing to increase the amount of Rogue Trader items available in the store.