Exclusive: Lead WildStar PvP Designer Queried on Warplots (Video)

WildStar, which is heading to open beta later this week, recently revealed its endgame PvP activity, the customizable Warplots. Featuring the plug-in technology from in-game housing, boss summoning, Mercenary-based matchmaking and a brood of 40 characters assaulting another 40 ability-wielding souls, the matches are sure to be as fast and yet more visually filled than other combat endeavors.

The relatively soft spoken Lead PvP Designer Jen Gordy (who isn’t compared to MC iTZKooPA?) ensures that battles won’t stagnate during the construction phases. Carbine Studios may only plan one map at launch, but, as you can see from our footage, the one map is absolutely immense and plenty capable of handling 80 aggressive souls. Defensive plug ins. And boss summons.

The entire informative interview is after the cut. Be sure to subscribe to our Twitch.TV channel for our upcoming discussion with Creative Director Char Moore next week.

WildStar doesn’t launch until June 3, but eager beavers can begin playing open beta later this week.