Exclusive PAX 2014: Strife Producer Talks Open Beta & Single-player Campaign

lh_bastion_Strife_single_playerA common thread among our PAX East 2014 interviews was asking MOBA developers what sets them apart. We firmly believe that MOBAs are becoming the new MMORPGs in that numerous companies are tossing money at the genre in a (likely vain) attempt to recreate the magic of League of Legends. Few answered the question adequately, unable to detail divergent features.  At least one has, to some extent, returned to the drawing board.

S2 Games, having the hardcore Heroes of Newerth in its stable, already knew it was diversifying by developing Strife to target a more casual market. Producer Tim Shannon and his crew are taking it a step beyond in-lane game design. Announced at the start of PAX Prime 2014 was the title’s move to Open Beta, but also the first single-player campaign featuring the “Golden Child” Bastion.

Hit the jump for more on Bastion’s single-player experience, how development will continue and when you can extra the beta nomenclature to disappear.