PAX Prime 2014: H1Z1 and It’s Humanity, Or Lack Thereof

lh_surrender_h1z1_interview_pax_prime_jimmy_whisenhuntYou’re dropped into a world that’s unassuming desire is to see you dead. Civilization has collapsed. Zombies are everywhere. Items needed to live are in short supply. By hook or by crook is how humanity continues to survive in this deadly, desolate world. You can craft items from trees you cut down or you can scrounge from those left behind by the less fortunate. Frankly, you’ve options.

Yet, as this video illustrates gamers, who live in a world of luxury – clean water, electricity, food in a wide range of orange – don’t always grasp those options. Jimmy Whisenhunt, a senior game designer with Sony Online Entertainment was casually chatting with us ahead of our on-camera interview (coming soon). Moving around the world, showcasing the UI, crafting system and such. He went into a nearby rundown gas station to allow us to see scavenging and that’s when he ran into someone on the showfloor. Yes, another real-life person.

Jimmy threw up his hands in a submissive gesture, which, apparently, enraged his human-controlled foe. The ensuing few moments are what follows, including axes, bow and arrows, zombies and another hand-based gesture make it worth your time.