Exclusive: Strife “I Think We’re Getting A Lot of People That Want Moxie Plushies” (Video)

Strife has come a long way since our original interview at PAX Prime back in September 2013. Barely out of announcement then, developer S2 Games was adamant that a goal of Strife’s was to detoxify the masochistic community present in most MOBAs. Shortly after that conversation, S2 Games went ahead and pushed Strife into Closed Beta.

Kicking off in November, the closed beta process has witnessed quite a bit of change, but nothing more than the focus on developing heroes that bring unique game mechanics to the MOBA. Currently, featuring 16 heroes, one of which was launched the day before PAX East, Strife was very well received at its last convention if only for an unusual reason.

Producer Tim Shannon covered a variety of topics in our exclusive interview including the target audience, how the development team has learned from the Heroes of Newerth experience, the sourcing of new hero designs and above all, community feedback.

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Oh, and for the record, I grabbed a Y Y plushie.